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  • parenting teens part 2

    The Parenting Teens Shift, Part 2-Changing How You Parent

      Last blog we talked about the unique challenges your teen is experiencing due to their brain development and stage of life. If you haven’t read it, please read part 1 before you go any further. Click here to read the part 1. We are continuing to look at four more parenting shifts that help enable […]

  • Teen Parenting Shift

    The Parenting Teens Shift-Changing How You Parent

    I’m going to spend the next two weeks talking about the parenting teens shift. No, that’s not the latest dance craze, nor is it a funny YouTube video gone viral. The parenting teen shift is the shift all us parents of teenagers have to make as we are thrust into the teen world. Over the […]

  • IMG_1164

    I Got Divorced. Who Am I?

    Marriage unites two lives bringing together two people who create daily habits together, they marry into one another’s families, they share time with friends, and possibly even children (together or blended). You identify as a spouse, you share private information and develop hobbies and past times together. It’s beautiful, until it isn’t. And when marriage […]

  • image (37)

    The Broken Path

    No parents are perfect, but sometimes parents are painfully imperfect. Sometimes parents directly instill fear, neglect, lovelessness, worthlessness, rejection, self-hate, abandonment, and anger that children live with. When these hurting children grow up to be adults they struggle. The challenges we face in childhood become the struggles of our adulthood. Scripture tells parents to train […]

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