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    Seeing a Counselor/Therapist? What’s Wrong with You?

    You’re seeing a counselor/therapist? What’s wrong with you? I think this is the automatic thought most people have when we find out someone is seeing a counselor/therapist. Frequently this thought is accompanied by judgment. For those who decide to seek counseling, the shame and fear that comes with that predominant thought may contribute to many […]

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    Do NOT Be Normal

     Okay, here is a quick 1, 2, punch! Stop comparing your life to everyone else’s around you, you are not them… YOU ARE UNIQUELY YOU! If I could challenge you with anything it would be to replace the word normal with the word healthy. “Is my relationship normal?” but listen to the difference when I […]

  • teens parenting

    Teens: Overload

     Life with teens is difficult, to say the least. As adults we have survived our teen years so we have hope and faith that our teens will also survive their teen years and yet… there is doubt, there is worry, there are concerns, there are complete freak-out moments where the survival state switches from the […]


    We in the field of counseling often refer to anger as a secondary emotion. What we mean by this is that often there is another emotion or feeling behind and driving the anger. An iceberg serves as a helpful illustration. Above the surface of the ocean, anger appears as the tip of the iceberg. Below […]

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