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  • A Severe Mercy

    One of the most powerful images in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicle of Narnia involves a child named Eustace, a miserable and mean little boy, selfish and self-absorbed. As the outcome of a series of characteristic and nature-revealing choices, Eustace finds himself turned into a dragon. A jeweled arm bracelet he found in the lair of a […]

  • IMG_2236

    Self-Care Ideas: Indulge!

    The challenge of all challenges is SELF-CARE. This concept is believed to be out-of-reach because of the pictures we see blasted on social media of the all-white cottage by the lake surrounded by nature, relaxing in a hammock as the breeze blows and the sun radiates at the perfect temperature. The pitcher of fresh brewed […]

  • proverbs

    Wise Up and Live Well

    The biblical book of Proverbs is about choices to be made or paths to be taken and the outcomes that often follow. For the most part the book was compiled and/or written by King Solomon, arguably the wisest man that ever lived, but is in its entirety inspired by God. This gathering of true generalizations […]

  • IMG_2149

    PERFECTIONISM (The Death Trap)

    PERFECTIONISM…. We have all heard this term. Some view it as a gift; others view it as a curse. What is perfectionism…is it good, bad, helpful, or deceitful? Society preaches a performance-based acceptance. For many, the very foundation of their self-worth is based on how well they are able to complete or perform a task. […]

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