About Us

Christian Counseling Associates has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1996. Our  Real Heart ~ Real Change  motto is our passion in providing faith-based, compassionate counseling services. We are unique in that we provide  local area counseling, custom designed retreats at  Cornerstone Lodge in Kaufman, Texas and specially designed mentoring programs across the world.

Three offices. Our Plano office is located in The Hope Center, Tarrant County office is in Bedford and our McKinney Office is in McKinney. We are also available to come to your business or conference  to serve you. Our staff offers both licensed and  pastoral care levels  of service. Call 972-422-8383 to make an appointment at either location or click here.   

CCA has now joined forces with ECFA. ECFA enhances trust in Christ-centered churches and ministries by establishing and applying Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™ to accredited organizations.
ECFA Accreditadtion
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440 W. Jubal Early Dr., Suite 100
Winchester, VA 22601
540-535-0103 – 800-323-9473

Our Mission 

Christian Counseling Associates exists to…
Encourage, Equip, & Empower people to make lasting “Real Heart – Real Change” effort.  

 Counseling encourage encourage encourage 

  • Listen carefully and interact with clients in honest responsiveness.
  • Teach people to live healthy lives in harmony with God’s redemptive plan 

Training equip equip equip equip equip equip 

  • Recapture the hearts and minds of  men, women and children to live effectively for God’s glory.
  • Equip and inspire people to live more victoriously. 

 Support empower empower  empower empower 

  • Produce materials that empower clients to live and work in inspired ways.
  • Encourage involvement in local churches and appropriate support groups.


When Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) thinks of how we are different, five concepts come to mind:

Credibility –  The Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) and Cornerstone Lodge Ministries staff is constantly at work to develop stronger character and higher levels of competency in our work.  CCA’s staff are people who value and practice personal study, prayer, Bible reading, and spiritual and intellectual growth.

Consistency – “People don’t listen to you speak, they watch your feet.”  This anonymous quotation has great power with us at CCA.  An important part of our job is to increase trust accounts we have with people with whom we counsel and also refer back and forth.  We’ll be the first to admit that we have a long way to go, but more and more, we really try to be sure that we do “walk the walk.”

Alignment – Our commitment to the “Real Heart – Real Change” attitude begins with our alignment with Christ.  As we study to understand and apply truths that lie in the heart of the Bible, we’re learning more every day about the wonders of God’s grace!  We also study current literature and research to better understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of respected scholarly men and women in order that our service is fresh and timely.

Reputation – In 2006, when CCA was reorganized under the Cornerstone Lodge Ministries umbrella, we committed to devote time and energy every day to restore our high trust reputation.  We do this to insure that our client – and referral – base will have increasing comfort in staying with us longer and sending more people to us for help.

Contribution – Giving back is a natural outgrowth of our “Real Heart – Real Change” mindset.  Every counselor at CCA is actively involved in both church and civic giving.  We all give financial support to the churches we attend, and to selected local and national charitable organizations.  We are also available to make volunteer contributions by leading workshops and conferences in area churches, institutions, and support groups.

Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) is different because CCA stays on top of current trends in counseling and because CCA holds fast to a belief that God’s power help us change is immutable.