Aimee Thompson

MA, LPC Intern - Supervised by Jack D. Dickerson

      • education

    BS in Sociology from Texas A & M University
    MA in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University

      • background

    Worked in Human Resources for Baylor Healthcare System.

    Full-time mom for more than thirteen years.

    Enjoys studying and teaching God’s Word and actively serves her church in a variety of ministries to children, preteens, and women.

    Her experience with seasons of physical pain gives her compassion and understanding for those in crisis.

      • passions

    Passionate pursuer of help and hope for fellow strugglers. Desires to see others find fullness of life in Christ and hope for their relationships.

      • works with

    Individuals | Women | Pre-Teens | Teens | Couples | Parents | Families

      • areas of concentration

    Anxiety | Depression| Anger Management | Stress | Grief | Trauma | Chronic Pain | Identity | Career and Life Purpose | All Aspects of Family Life

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