If There Were No God?
If there were no God there would be no music–There would be no dreams to be dreaming of–What a dreadful thought of an empty future–If there were no God there would be no love–If there were no God there would be no children–There would be no joy to relieve our tears–Not a tender hand to provide us comfort–No consoling heart to subdue our fears–But we know that God is with us–And we know His majesty–Reigning now, the King eternal–Yes we know the victory .
Lyric from “If There Were No God” by Acapella
As this year-end holiday season is upon us, I pray you and your family are blessed.  I pray you are feeling empowered by the Holy Spirit to keep on keeping on with your healing profession and ministry to your hurting clients, and that you feel strongly affirmed in that.  But on the off chance that you, or a client of yours, or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed with the press of life…with the daily grind and myriad moments of adversity and setback…I also pray your heart, mind, and spirit are ministered to by a singular thought-belief.  That thought is that there is a God.
There is a God who loves you uniquely and individually.  His love and individual caring intimacy towards us is and was exemplified by His eternal plan to divest Himself of His exclusive Godhood-to condescend to take on human form in the person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Yes, we Christians are ever so grateful that Christ died on the cross to purchase our redemption and to restore us to fellowship with the Father.  But we can also be touched deeply by the knowledge that Christ became as we are-frail, weary, prone to fatigue and living in a body that needs care and refreshing.  Dorothy Sayers famously wrote (I paraphrase) she did not “fully understand precisely what cosmic game God was playing at that exact moment when Christ was born as a human-born into enemy territory at that.  But whatever, game it was, He has kept to the rules.  He suffered as we suffer, endured the countless humiliations and pains and discomforts we humans are faced with each day.”  It was for Christ to live as we are, so He could become supremely triumphant over this life of oppression.  And because He is victorious, we too are and shall be victorious in hope, in thought, in feeling, and in deep intimate connection with Him as the source of our strength.
Without God, life would be hopeless.  Without God, there would be no rich color, no music, no mathematics, no space, no time…nothing.  But we know that God is with us.  And we know His majesty, reining now the King eternal.  We know the victory over this world.
Thank you Lord for your strength, for your wisdom, for your imagination, for your creativity, and for your infilling Spirit, He who empowers us to be well, to be whole, to be a resource for others in despair.
Use us Oh Holy Father, as instruments of your peace.  May we bring the joy of Christmas and the Spirit of Christ, who poured Himself out for us, to others all year, every day.
 For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
1 John 5:4King James Version (KJV)