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Christian Counseling Associates

Real Heart. Real Change

Welcome to Christian Counseling Associates in Plano and Grapevine!  For over twenty years, we have been providing Christian counseling and coaching for couples, families, groups, and individuals.  We have a dedicated team with a wide variety of specialties who can help you find the hope and healing you long for.  If you are in pain and are ready to make a change, would you reach out to us to meet with one of our caring Christian counselors?

We Can Help With...

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Emotional Distress

Are you overwhelmed by emotions from anger, anxiety, depression, grief, or trauma?  You try to bottle them up but they spill out and hurt those you love.  We can help you find a new way to deal with your pain.  

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Are you suffering from the symptoms of ADD, ADHD, OCD, bipolar, dissociation, or eating/body-image disorders?  You might feel that your situation is beyond hope, but it's not.

We have counselors who can help.

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Relationship Issues

Are you stuck in a pattern of conflict in your marriage?  Is your family facing a challenge?  Are there parent-child issues? We can help with marital or premarital counseling, family therapy, or divorce counseling.

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Life Stages

Are your children having trouble at school or home?  Does your teen struggle with self-worth or bullying? Do you need help parenting? Do you need help with men or women's issues?  Let us come alongside you.

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Are you trapped in an addiction?  Maybe you unable to break the hold of pornography or sexual acting out. Or you might be caught in the hold of substance abuse. We have trained counselors who specialize in that. 

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Are you in need of a business coach for yourself or your team?  Do you need career coaching?  Do you need coaching for a tough decisions? Do you want to develop your walk with Christ?  Let our life coaches help you.

2305 Mustang Dr. Suite 200
Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 281-3000

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5509 Pleasant Valley Dr., Ste 90
Plano, TX 75023
(972) 422-8383

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