I'm Angie Hernandez, LPC - Associate.  I am under the supervision of Dr. Jordan Davis, Ph.D., LPC-S. and Dr. Dan Clement, LPC-S., LMFT.  

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About Me

My education:  

BA in Psychology and MA in Professional Counseling from Dallas Baptist University.  

My background:  

I hope to foster a space where you can process anything and be redirected to pursue wholeness and redemption. I have worked with teens, college students, young adults and adults. I also work at a practice that specializes in supporting women who have or are currently struggling with an eating disorder.  

My passions:

I am passionate about redemption and authenticity. We live in a complex world, wounding and hurt happens, in those moments there is a place where you can safely question, wrestle, and process without the fear of judgement. I consider it an honor to encourage and support all people as they choose to heal and better understand their life stories. 

I work with:  

Teenagers | Young Adults | Women | Individuals | Grief

My areas of concentration:  

Anxiety | Depression | Sexual Abuse | Eating Disorders 


I am available for a free consultation to see if I can help you.