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Callie Hall, Graduate Student Intern

Under the supervision of Dr. Bernis Riley, LPC-S, Psy.D


Counseling in Grapevine

I Can Help

  • Are you feeling hopeless?

  • Do you have relationship troubles?

  • Is your marriage in trouble?

  • Do you need premarital counseling?

  • Does your teen need counseling?

  • Do you feel depressed or discouraged?

  • Do you have anxiety?

  • Are you struggling with self-esteem?

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Graduate Student Intern under the supervision of Dr. Bernis Riley, LPC-S, Psy.D. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and am currently completing my Master’s Degree in Licensed Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University. I have experience providing behavioral health services to at-risk youth, and a unique background and training working with foster and adoptive families. 

You are created for connection. Each of us wants a place where we belong and feel most ourselves. Sometimes, even in families and romantic partnerships, loneliness and feelings of inadequacy can creep in causing you to feel insecure in your relationships. You rehearse your perceived mistakes and fall into a cycle of isolation and negative emotions which lead to negative, and sometimes toxic, interactions with others. The more you fail, the more you internalize your failures and feel hopelessness and discouragement, convincing yourself that nothing will ever get better and you are bound to repeat the same cycles over and over. Are you tired of this negative cycle and ready for positive, lasting change? 

It would be my privilege to walk through the process of emotional healing with you, using Emotionally Focused Therapy. I want to help you break free of hopelessness and experience a sustaining joy and peace in who you are, your purpose in life, and the value you bring to your relationships. To schedule a free thirty-minute consultation, click here, call or text (817) 715-0129, or email Teletherapy is available.

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