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Derrick Sledge, LPC-S, LCDC

I Can Help You

  • Are you struggling with anxiety or depression

  • Do you have problems with anger?

  • Are you overcome with grief?

  • Is your marriage struggling and you could use some good marriage counseling?

  • Do you have a problem with substance abuse

  • Do you need premarital counseling to get set off on the right foot in your marriage?

  • Do you feel that you have been or are being victimized?

  • Would you like help with goal setting?

I am Derrick Sledge, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling and also a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  I'm working on my doctorate in education ministry with emphasis in marriage and family.

Maybe you feel broken right now.  You are hurting and long for healing and a new beginning with God, with others, and with yourself.  You are trying to navigate past debilitating problems to attain a productive and fulfilling life for God’s glory.  But you’re stuck.  You’ve prayed about it and you’ve tried your best, but things don’t seem to be changing.  You’re not alone.  You’d be surprised how many people that seem to have it all together on the outside are actually broken and hurting in the inside.  They need someone to help them find that new beginning.  Maybe you're struggling with substance abuse and want to get free.

I can help you.  Nothing makes me happier than working with children (age 10 and up), adolescents, adults, and married couples and helping them come to grips with their anxiety, anger, grief, depression, substance abuse, victimization, or marital problems and get the healing and new start God has for them.  In addition to being a counselor for over twenty-five years helping people just like you, I’m also an educator, minister, and mentor with children, adolescents and adults. I am taking new clients in our Plano office or online through telehealth. 

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