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Donna Hogg, LPC

I Can Help You

  • Are you in need of inner healing?

  • Do you want to learn to hear God’s voice?

  • Would you like a release of God's Spirit from within?

  • Do you want someone to partner with you in spiritual warfare?

  • Do you want to receive and give forgiveness and find restoration?

  • Do you need deliverance?

  • Would you like to discover your gifts and passions?

  • Do you need help with your relationships?

I am Donna Hogg, Licensed Professional Counselor.    I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling from North Texas State University.

Whatever problems you are having in your marriage, your family, or your life, these are spiritually rooted, and God is our ultimate healer.  I have a passion to serve as a conduit for God to ignite His Spirit in His children I have over two decades in the mental health field.  I can help you.


I have worked in the mental health field for the past 20+ years.  I would love to help you find God's best for your life.

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