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Roger Hale, Biblical Life Coach

Counseling in Plano

I Can Help You

  • Are you having problems in your marriage or your family?

  • Does your adolescent need counseling?

  • Does your child need counseling?

  • Do you struggle with depression?

  • Do you suffer from emotional trauma?

  • Do you have dissociative disorder, ADHD, Bipolar, or behavioral disorders?

I am Roger Hale, Biblical Life Coach.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling and have been with Christian Counseling Associates over 16 years.

The Bible teaches that human beings are created with a desire for meaning and for connection within themselves, with others, and with God.  When we become disconnected, the kinds of problems just outlined can happen.  But there is a way to re-connect and be able to re-engage and have the healthy, happy life you long for.

I can understand and empathize with your need.  And I can help you out of the darkness into the light.  I have a background as a teacher of special needs youths and as a school counselor in public and private schools.  I work with families, individuals, adolescents, and children five and up (using Play Therapy).  I have served on boards of various organizations devoted to supporting families impacted by divorce, mood disorders and other forms of mental illness.  I have led support groups, served on panels, and given lectures on depression, bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder.  I have also given lectures on attachment problems exhibited by children born into deprived environments.  I will be happy to see you in our Plano office.

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