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Samson John, Biblical Life Coach

Coaching in Plano

I Can Help You

  • Are you engaged and want to be fully equipped for marriage with premarital counseling?

  • Are you in a marriage that is having problems?

  • Do you struggle with anxiety or depression?

  • Do you have past trauma?

  • Do you have problems with self-esteem?

  • Do you need help in your spiritual life?


I am a Biblical Life Coach.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Literature with Journalism from Mahatma Gandhi University, India, a Bachelor of Divinity from Senate of Serampore, India, a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Martin Luther Christian University, India, and a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa. 

According to 1 Thessalonians 5:16, Jesus wants you to rejoice always, and this joy is possible.  God has a purpose for your life and you can find it with the help of a trained Biblical Life Coach.  There are solutions and actions that can be taken to get your life on track.  On your own, you may have difficulty finding these, but with help, they become clear and when they do, a new day begins to dawn.

I am passionate and have the heart to serve God and people by integrating Christian faith and professional counseling/coaching.  If you are struggling, I want to help and I have the training to do it.  I work with young adults, adults, premarital couples, and married couples.  I am seeing clients in our Plano office.

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