Anxiety is a thief.  It robs us of our peace and happiness.  Anxiety steals our ability to focus and concentrate making us less productive.  It kills our creativity and can destroy our ability to hope for the best.  From difficult but manageable symptoms such as elevated heart rate, shallow breathing and tension all the way to completely debilitating full blown panic attacks, anxiety touches all of us from time to time.  However, when these issues begin invading our emotional and physical space on a regular basis our lives become disrupted and even unmanageable.


All of us suffer from some measure of anxiety in varying degrees at various times.  People often do not seek help for their anxiety because they believe it is a part of life and they should just “get over it” or “deal with it”.  In truth, prolonged anxiety takes a toll on the sufferer.  Biologically, our bodies are designed to cope with anxiety in a variety of ways, the most common being the release of the stress hormone called cortisol.  Higher levels of cortisol in our systems leads to higher glucose levels which cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hyperglycemia and diabetes.  Over active stress hormones can lead to a suppressed immune system which opens up the sufferer to a myriad of other physical issues.


When we suffer from some of these physical issues, we go the doctor and expect them to give us some prescription to alleviate the symptoms.  However, seeking counseling my have more profound and lasting results.  Yes, a medical prescription might help lower cholesterol, but how much better would our lives be if the underlying issue of anxiety was treated and reduced or eliminated?  There could be so many more lasting benefits by dealing with the underlying cause – anxiety.


A therapist can help identify some of the ways anxiety specifically affects you.  Anxiety can be the result of something unresolved in our life or even some event that we haven’t fully recovered from, so it continues to cause emotional and physical reactions.  Because you live with this on a daily basis, you may not see all the ways if affects you and how you could be free from it, but a therapist will! A therapist will recognize the pieces of the puzzle that are missing and help you discover, name and place them in the right place to make the picture come into focus and be complete.  All of us need professional help from time to time.  Is this your time to get the help you need to stop anxiety from stealing any more of your life?