We try to make counseling affordable to everyone so we have a team of counselors at each of our locations (Plano, McKinney, and Grapevine) with different levels of experience and specialties. With exceptions, these are the different session rates that we offer at Christian Counseling Associates.* Each session rate that we offer is correlated with the experience level of our therapists.* 


Sr. Therapist - $150/session*

Our senior therapists have held their counseling license for at least five years or have a lot of life experience that helps them understand a greater variety of people to a greater extent. That means our senior therapists have seen numerous clients and have the most experience of any of our therapists. They have received training in many different specialties and have a variety of counseling interests.

LPC/LMFT - $120/session*

Our LPC's (Licensed Professional Counselors) and LMFT's (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists) are counselors who have obtained their masters degree, 3000 hours of counseling experience interning and are now fully licensed counselors. They have up to 5 years experience of holding a license in addition to obtaining their 3000 hours as licensed interns. Our LPC's and LMFT's have a variety of different specialties and are very experienced therapists. 

LPC / LMFT Associate - $90/session*

Our LPC and LMFT - Associates have obtained their masters degrees, which require 300 hours of counseling experience, and are in the process of amassing 3000 hours of counseling experience in order to be fully licensed by the state. They are in the process of developing different specialties and discovering their interests. 

Biblical/Life Coach - $60/session*

Our Coaches have obtained their masters degrees, that require 300 hours of counseling experience, and most of them are waiting to receive their LPC - Intern license. This process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months so most of our coaches transition fairly quickly to become LPC - Interns. 

Masters Level Interns - $45/session*

Our Masters Level Interns are students in the process of obtaining their masters degrees in counseling. They have completed the required coursework to start amassing the 300 hours of counseling experience needed to graduate. 



*Session fees may vary based on type of treatment and therapist specialty experience.

*Each of our therapists offers a limited number of sliding scale sessions for clients who need to negotiate a lower fee. The sliding scale appointments are fees based on annual household income. 

*A limited number of our therapists accept insurance. Please contact us for more information.