Mingie Song

Masters Level Intern

Plano Office



BS in Economics and International Affairs from Georgia Institute of Technology

MA in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary



I am a second-generation Korean-American woman born and raised in Georgia. I have two younger sisters and a dog (named Otto!), all whom I dearly love. From as young as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to help people. Through what means this would be, I had no idea. I had dreams of being a comedian, architect for lower-income families, a nonprofit economic development coordinator, and even a minister. However, I was led to pursue a counseling degree. This path began with my love and the coffee shop culture. While serving caffeinated beverages, I was constantly confronted with individuals who just needed someone to listen. After various twists and turns in life, I found myself at Dallas Theological Seminary pursuing a Masters in Biblical Counseling. I do align with an integrative counseling approach and try to blend psychology with foundational Christian truths.



My passions are coffee, the arts, self-care and people. I love the art and culture of coffee. A future dream of mine is to own my own coffee shop! I’ve taken multiple classes and worked in multiple coffee shops as a barista so that I can continue to learn and grow more as an avid coffee lover. I am passionate about the arts and creativity. I believe that God has given all of his creation beauty and creativity in our personal ways of expression. I attended a fine arts magnet school from middle through high school. You would always find me in the art building, painting or drawing my next piece, or in the music room fiddling with the keyboards and percussion instruments. Self-care is something that has become such an importance to me. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath, meditating, or just taking a break from the chaotic day, I’ve realized that it adds up and affects our mental health and overall wellness. Lastly, people are my passion. The relationships and mental processing that each of holds are so complex and beautiful. My desire as a counselor is to shine light to the relationships that the client is surrounded by, whether those be healthy or unhealthy and to also encourage you to stay in their process. I believe that it is not a counselor’s goal to be a one-stop shop in “healing” a client, but to help the client in their process of understanding their guilt, shame, anxiety, insecurities, trauma, and whatever it is that they’re carrying. Together, we can navigate through the process.


I believe that God is the ultimate healer and that as counselors we’ve been given the responsibility to steward our gifts to help His people. In everything that I do, I desire for Him to be glorified.

Works with 

Young Adults | Emerging Adulthood | Women | Pre-marital | Couples

Areas of Concentration 

Anxiety | Trauma | Depression | Self-esteem/Identity | Parent-Child issues | Multicultural Issues | Stress management