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Rachel Shoemaker

Biblical Life Coach

Plano Office



Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Stephen F. Austin State University

Currently Pursuing Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary (Graduation Expected December 2018)


Volunteered in youth ministry as a mentor and camp counselor in her church, facilitating small groups.

Served overseas in countries such as Hungary, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, sharing the gospel and love of Christ.

Served in her college ministry as a small group leader, helping college students find joy and community in the midst of the college experience.

Interned counseling the homeless population at a local homeless shelter.

Working also as a flight attendant, she is currently volunteering as a Peer Support Representative, supporting fellow flight attendants in times of need, hurt, grief, and stress, lending a listening ear and resources to help facilitate healing and stress relief for fellow employees.



Rachel is passionate about helping people find holistic healing, providing a safe space to process one’s emotions, behaviors, and core beliefs. She hopes to create an environment that allows each person to feel safe and be authentic, promoting trust and vulnerability. She also passionate about helping clients find joy and hope in the depths of depression, anxiety, or relationship difficulties. Finally, Rachel is very passionate about helping woman and teen girls find freedom from body image and self-esteem issues in a culture that is bombarded with unattainable ideals of perfection.


Works with

Individuals | Couples | Teens & Adolescents | Women | Men


Areas of Concentration

Anxiety | Depression | Trauma | Body-Image and Self-Esteem Issues | Relationship Issues |Grief and Loss | Stress Management | Anger | Life Transitions