Roger Hale


Plano Office



Public and Private Schools as a teacher of special needs youths & school counselor


Roger has also been active in the community, serving on boards of various organizations devoted to supporting families impacted by divorce, mood disorders and other forms of mental illness. Over the last six years, he has lead support groups, served on panels, and arranged speaking engagements for psychiatrists and therapists specializing in Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Schizoaffective Disorder. He has also given lectures on these topics and on attachment problems exhibited by children born into deprived environments.

His methods and understanding of counseling are based upon the scriptural premise that humans were created with a desire for meaning and for connection – within themselves, with others and with their Creator.

Areas of Concentration 

Marriage and Family | Parenting| Depression | Bipolar Disorder | Emotional Trauma | Dissociative Disorder | ADHD | Behavior Disorders | Adolescent and Childhood Therapy (5+) | Play Therapy