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Say It

This lovely little piece of sidewalk art makes me immediately think of Louis Armstrong’s song, What a Wonderful World!

“I see skies of blue and

clouds of white.

The bright blessed day,

the dark sacred night.

And I think to myself

what a wonderful world.”

It kind of takes away all the worries and bitterness and hatred and stress that constantly surrounds us, doesn’t it! I wonder what might happen if people, everywhere, would take a simple little piece of sidewalk chalk, create their own work of art like this one, and “Say it! Beautiful day!”

The Day The Lord Has Made

Perhaps the psalmist says it best: “this is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad In It.” (Psalm 118:24). It’s interesting that this Psalm was written in a time of deep adversity. The psalmist was surrounded on all sides, and felt like almost giving up. But yet, right in the middle of this time of real struggle, he found that what carried him through this immensely difficult season was to shift his focus and find power beyond himself to persevere through and transcend that difficulty!

There Is More Of Beauty Than Ugliness

I’m also reminded of what was written about Mr. Rogers during his acceptance speech into the TV Hall of Fame: “the speech was fantastic but the best part, the part that reminds us all of the beauty that this world offers is when his friend Jeffrey Erlanger, comes out in his wheelchair. The look of surprise and joy, the youthful exuberance as he steps onto the stage to greet his friend, is a stark reminder that, despite the ugliness, there is so much more beauty. That one step he took represents the first step out of that ugliness.” It only takes one step…

So, what’s stopping you? Grab a piece of chalk and go out to the sidewalk, and create your own little piece of sidewalk art! And, “Say it! Beautiful day!” If you are struggling with anxiety, I urge you to read about anxiety treatment, and then reach out to us at Christian Counseling Associates for a free consultation.

David Dickerson is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist Supervisor. He is the former Executive Director of CCA. David is taking new clients online.

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