Teens Issues

Being a teenager in 2018 can be a very scary and difficult time.  Never before have we seen the pressures our teens face each day with drugs, sexuality, depression, cutting, and other serious issues.  Our teens can feel like they have to behave a certain way or do certain things in order to fit in or be accepted.  A tumultuous time for everyone, bridging the gap from childhood to being an adult, teens are often left without someone the feel they can really be open with.  Our goal at CCA is to help each teen we see to grow into the man or woman God designed them to be being influenced by positivity, acceptance, and an openness to direct each individual.  Through working with a Christian Counselor teens can deal with current problems at school or at home.  Teens often feel misunderstood and act out based on these feelings.  A counselor can help bring the teen back to center and help prepare them for a great future.  We help them work through past hurts and issues and listen in a non-judgmental way.  In a world that glorifies the negative, a counselor from CCA working with your teen can be the light that they need to have a happy and healthy future.  It may be difficult to get a teenager to agree to see a counselor, they may feel a stigma is attached, but often if we sit down with someone once they continue to want to comeback.  In short CCA can be a lifeline for those of you who feel you have done all you can for your teen and they still need something more, as parents you have only so many tools at your disposal.  We know that most teens who see a counselor of some sort regularly are better equipped to deal with all the things the world can throw their way.