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Theresa Pisano

Masters Level Intern

Plano Office



BS in Hospitality Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University

MA in Psychology from LeTourneau University

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from LeTourneau University



I began college with a Hospitality major, knowing that I loved to serve others and thinking I wanted to open my own restaurant one day. While in college, I served on the leadership team of a student ministry on campus, went on various mission trips with local churches, and eventually worked as an intern for the church I attended in college. After I graduated with my first degree, I worked in the restaurant industry while going through a discipleship program at my church. This program taught me the importance of dealing with the hurts, traumas, misguided beliefs, and unproductive habits of our lives. It taught me to serve others by walking through finding freedom and healing from their past alongside them. I have served in many positions, whether it be church leadership roles, being a counselor at Kanakuk Kamps, or being a full-time nanny, that have allowed me to seek freedom, rest, wholeness, empowerment, and healing for myself and alongside others. These roles led me to make the decision to pursue a degree in psychology and clinical mental health counseling so that I may continue to do so in a professional setting. 


For most of my life, I knew that love, rest, freedom and power were available to me, but I never fully experienced them. Life can be challenging at times, and many people endure pain and difficulties that hinder them from experiencing life to the fullest extent. I found freedom from my past, healed from deep wounds, realized the power and authority that I have over my thoughts and my decisions, realized that I can find rest in the fact that there is a God who loves me and has my best interest at heart, and learned to continue to implement these beliefs and practices into my life in the future. It is my deepest desire to see individuals experience life in a way that is purposeful, powerful, and whole. The most pivotal point in my life was when my pastor in college chose to invest in walking through my past hurts and difficulties alongside me so that I might find healing, self-assurance, purpose, freedom, and a sense of wholeness. I am forever thankful for the efforts of my pastor, and I am looking forward to stepping into this role for others throughout my work as a counselor. 


Works with

Teenagers | Emerging Adulthood | Young Adults | Women | Parents


Areas of Concentration

Self-Esteem/Identity | Depression | Anxiety | Parent-Child Issues | Trauma | Stress Management