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Russell Gregory, Graduate Student Intern

Counseling in Grapevine

I Can Help

  • Are you struggling with anxiety or depression?

  • Do you have marital problems?

  • Do you need premarital counseling?

  • Are there blended family issues?

  • Are you coping with grief or loss?


I am pursuing a Master’s degree in counseling from Amberton University.  I am under the supervision of A.J. Molina, LPC, CLC. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Dallas Baptist University and a Teaching Certification from the University of Texas at Arlington. I am a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator and have 17 years of experience as an Ordained Pastor, helping people navigate emotional and spiritual wounds.


You were created uniquely and for a specific purpose. As you seek to know your purpose, many challenges arise that will test your resolve.  You might be struggling with health issues, job loss, a troubled or broken marriage, loss of a child, or some form of trauma.  These can all contribute to the formation of dysfunctional behavior and beliefs, which become strongholds that take over your life and lead to negative patterns in your relationships and decision-making.  But, with the right guidance, you can break free from those negative patterns.

Regardless of the challenges you are facing, you have the ability to overcome life’s obstacles.  I will work to create a safe and respectful environment where we can explore your sensitive issues together.  Using a combination of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we will collaborate to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs.  I will help you set realistic goals and develop effective coping strategies.  It would be my honor and privilege to work with you to help you find freedom and healing.

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