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Emotional Wounds And Their Impact On Your Life

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who is certified in Emotional Transformation Therapy. ETT is a therapy that uses light, color wavelengths, and eye movements to rapidly transform emotional distress and any related physical pain into a positive emotional state. Do you have some emotional wounds that are affecting your daily life?

What Are Emotional Wounds?

emotional wounds - sign saying how dare you

Emotional wounds are negative experiences or a set of experiences with someone close to you which caused deep psychological wounding. It’s a lasting hurt caused by losing an important relationship or experiencing damage in an important relationship. Losing someone you love or not feeling loved by your spouse or family members are examples.

Just like a physical wound leaves a mark on the body, these emotional wounds leave a mark on the psyche that changes you. They change your self-worth, your perspective of the world, your ability to trust and interact with people. Your marriage, your family, your friendships, your work are all impacted by the emotional damage you have. You might find it harder to achieve certain goals.

Emotional wounds will cause you to bottle up your emotions of grief, sadness, anxiety, depression, anger and live as though everything is fine. The problem is that, over time, those caged-up emotions grow and inevitably burst out and manifest in your thoughts and behaviors. At some point, they become overwhelming and uncontrollable. That is the point when you need emotional transformation therapy that helps you identify the root cause of those negative emotions and heal.

How Do Emotional Wounds Impact Your Life?

emotional wounds - couple arguing

When you have emotional wounds, especially around a relationship, your subconscious mind will often associate new experiences with a past wound and you will become triggered. When this happens, your buried emotions will rise up and overwhelm you. This will cause you to engage in behaviors that sabotage your life in important areas.

Emotional wounds can impact…


When your emotional wounds get aroused, you will feel things like jealousy, fear, insecurity, anxiety, obsession, or anger, which will lead to behaviors like attacking, arguing, being defensive, criticizing, etc. Or you may shut down, go silent, and withdraw. But the end result will be damage to the relationship.


When your emotional wounds get triggered at work, your brain might activate behaviors of impatience, self-doubt, or hesitancy. These could cause problems with your boss, fellow workers, or employees. It can keep you from speaking up in meetings or being as motivated and efficient as you should be. As a result, your job performance might be impacted leading to loss of a promotion or even your job.


Your emotional wounds can cause you to see yourself negatively. You might constantly put yourself down and find fault with yourself. Your self-respect, self-image, and self-worth will suffer.

If you are struggling with emotional wounds and their impact on your daily life, I can help. Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) has been proven to help people just like you address them, heal from them, and move into a positive emotional state. I urge you to read more about trauma, and then reach out to us at Christian Counseling Associates to get you started on the road to emotional transformation.


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